Nail Art Silicone

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This is THE new trend in Nail Art . Quickly discover the NailyArt
The simple principle: transfer the pattern or color to the nail using the NailyArt  silicone stamp.  
This is one of the easiest nail art techniques to do yourself, as long as you have the necessary materials, and with just a few taps, you're done! NAIL ART AT HOME: Enjoy the fun and creativity of doing your own nail art, at home EASY TO USE: Designed for professional and home use, easily create your Nail Art at home at home. using our NailyArt Stamp.     
MULTI-PURPOSE: French manicure, transfer of patterns, gradients ... Everything is possible!        
Having beautiful designs on your nails, without drawing, is possible! And what's more, it's very easy to do.
Easily create a multitude of nail art to personalize your manicure with the NailyArt
The Kit includes:

✔ Squeegee: Penetrates nail polish inside the pattern plate and removes any excess for perfect, smudge-free designs.

✔ A stamp: Allows you to easily transfer the selected pattern from the plate to the nail thanks to its silicone tip.
Create, imagine and decorate your nails at will! 
Do you dream of having the perfect manicure? A result worthy of a beauty salon?
Test the NailyArt Stamp.    
Thanks to its silicone cushions, the NailyArt Stamp allows you to create designs, shapes and drawings for all tastes.
It is quite possible to use our NailyArt Stamp to do nail art on semi-permanent nails or on extensions.   
Then just protect the design with a top coat to prevent it from slipping on the polished surfa ce of the nail.
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