Neck Massager

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satisfying and very relaxing

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Say goodbye to muscle aches, stiffness and knots once and for all

Finally an effective manual massage roller to relieve your pain ! The 6-Roller Massage Roller is a unique device that allows full pressure control to target tight areas of your body .

Control the pace, direction and intensity. Feel refreshed and relaxed after just five minutes of use.


6 pressure points that relax your muscles for an effective and fast massage Our massage roller will make your most stubborn muscle pain disappear. Its 6 points apply direct pressure and massage your trigger points on the neck, back and shoulders.A real pleasure to be able to massage and make the pain disappear after a day at the office or a sports session.

 EDENJAYZ®SJ take everywhere to effectively relieve your neck and back

Slim, lightweight and flexible, you can easily store it in your gym bag, suitcase, backpack, glove box, drawers, etc.

Massage therapy  reduces fatigue and improves sleep. After physical exertion, under stress, or after a long trip, you can relax and release your tense, stiff and sore muscles.Give your legs and feet the massage they deserve Unlike other massage rollers, this one can also be used on your legs and feet . Nothing beats a massage after a long day of walking, or a leg workout at the gym.Easily access the areas you want with its 180° rotating heads and apply the pressure needed to relieve yourself.  An economical solution to stay in shape.

Our EDENJAYZ®SJ  massage roller offers an opportunity for everyone to be able to enjoy massage therapy and relax by reducing the stress of everyday life.

Role: Through massage, relieve stress, improve blood circulation, relieve the waist, back, leg pain and fatigue, massage ease of mind, thus achieving the function of health and relieve stress, especially for people living in high-pressure working conditions reducing fatigue



1. The soft massage head placed on the rear part of the neck acupuncture points, back and forth pressing massage can handle;
2. Can be adjusted by rotating the pressing force than the massage heads.

Targeted Pain Relief Muscle Massage-Relieve pain through applying direct pressure and massaging your trigger points. Apply massager to neck, shoulder, or leg to reduce pain and prevent muscle injury

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Perfect for sore necks

After a long day of work or after the gym there isnt nothing better then a good neck message DOGS LOVE IT TOO!!

What You Get:1 x EDENJAYZ®SJ Back and Neck Massager


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