Rotating Starry Sky Projector with Bluetooth

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The ideal lamp to calm children down before bedtime

Rotating Starry Sky Projector with Bluetooth 2-in-1 dynamic projection lamp creates an atmosphere that favors falling asleep thanks to its different interchangeable film strips. Each strip allows you to discover a calming and relaxing world.

An atmosphere that promotes sleep

Why Kids Love the Dynamic Projection Lamp

Stimulate the imagination of your children

In addition to creating a magical atmosphere, choose a melody on the night light that will rock your little one and completely immerse him in a soothing and imaginary atmosphere. Stimulate the imagination of your children allowing them to have quality sleep.

✨A 2-in-1 lamp

It is both a lamp and a projector! If desired, you can easily switch the lamp to projector mode by adding the included film strips and removing the cover.


✨Up to 10 relaxing atmospheres

Children go from one imaginary world to another in an instant thanks to its various interchangeable film strips. One evening they are in a spaceship, another in an underwater world.


✨Light effects and music player

Depending on the person, different colors promote calm and fall asleep. This is why our lamp has several light effects: blue, yellow or subdued white. You can also opt for the model with a music box that plays children's music, soft and soothing.

✨Silent 360 ° rotation

the lamp offers stunning visual effects thanks to its 360 ° rotating function. It is also silent so that children can fall asleep peacefully.



3 models available:

- SweetHome model: 3 film strips, 360 ° rotation, USB cable function, NO MUSIC

- MusicHome model: 6 film strips, 360 ° rotation, rechargeable, 8 melodies, remote control

- UltraHome model: 10 film strips, 360 ° rotation, rechargeable, BLUETOOTH (choose the music yourself from your mobile), remote control

Battery: the 3 models are rechargeable by USB cable
Dimensions: 13.1 x 13.6 cm
Materials: Secure non-toxic ABS

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