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Are you fed up with having to endure the torture of waxing or depilatory creams that produce side effects on your skin? However, you would still like to have smooth legs and especially hairless? Then use the YES rechargeable electric epilator.
YES, say goodbye to the tough hairs that line your legs with this electric epilator. Inspiring a sleek and neat design, it is soft and removes any type of hair on your body without you feeling anything annoying or painful. You can even use it on the most sensitive areas of your body, especially the armpits. The electric epilator is an ideal solution for all types of women regardless of the nature of their skin.
Indeed, it is suitable for any woman of any age who wishes to have a clear skin without hairs. Obviously, the device does not allow permanent hair removal, but changes the characteristics of the hairs that will grow back in terms of number and thickness. An electric epilator that is both rechargeable providing more than satisfactory results without causing pain, what is its secret? It does not use lasers, electrolysis or waxing, but rather relies on a micro-oscillation hair removal system.
This system makes it possible to depilate the most unsightly hairs on the body which are located in areas conducive to the various cuts of conventional epilators such as the ankles and knees.
Material: plastic
Color: white
Dimensions: 12 * 5 * 1.5 cm (L * D * H)            
 epilator 1 cap
2 interchangeable heads
1 cleaning brush
1 charging cable
1 power adapter
1 mode job
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