Journey Air dog harness

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Designed for dogs who are constantly active on all fronts (you know what we're talking about), the Journey Air Harness has all of the best features of the original, plus the athletic fit and practical handle on the back. This breathable harness features a deep V-neckline to clear the shoulders and a large padded chest yoke to relieve pressure on the neck. With its full aluminum hardware, it is as light as a feather (227 g). Your dog forgets that he is wearing a harness and can concentrate on more important things, such as sniffing, running, chasing things, sniffing again, etc. We think this is the start of a great friendship. Made of durable ripstop fabric on the outside and breathable mesh on the inside Handle on the back to extract or assist the dog Four adjustment points for a precise fit Ties on the front and on the back for the leash Buckles lightweight aluminum Nifco quick release buckles Reflective edging for better visibility at night Easy to put on and take off Perfect for running, hiking and walking Product instructions and care Recommended accessories Quantum leash: This 6 in 1 dog leash is ideal for running and hiking. Its hands-free setup allows you to wrap it around your waist or around your shoulder leaving your hands free to climb this rocky trail. The reflective colors of the Quantum Leash match the colors of the Journey harness. 
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