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Relax in the comfort of the sandals and enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. Excellent support for your arch and your legs, for both men and women.

A real "light legs" feeling

A sole that takes care of your legs

                                                     Pain relieved.                                                      
Relax when you need it
Rediscover the comfort you need thanks to the 4.5 cm padded sole of the  sandals.
They support your arch by adapting to the shape of your feet, while remaining firm.
Say goodbye to pain

Reduce the pressure on your joints when you walk thanks to their shock-absorbing sole that supports your feet.
Ideal for gently relieving your knee and foot tension.
Comfortable in any situation

Relax and style on trend whether at home, in your garden, or on the go.
Your Bekvï sandals are quick to put on and can be worn with or without socks.
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