natural colored lenses

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Our Hazelnut Brown colored lenses color light and dark eyes a delicate light brown. A subtle shade for a definitely unique look.

Mood Hazelnut Brown natural colored lenses are rimless and patternless. They color the look in a very natural way.

We designed our Hazelnut Brown colored contact lenses to suit all looks, both light and dark eyes.

Don't forget to get our color lens care product, specially designed for the care, cleaning and storage of your Mood color lenses with correction.

The Hazelnut brown colored lenses are flexible and designed in polymacon, to dress your eyes while respecting the health and comfort of your eyes.

Our lenses are reimbursed by your mutuals.

If you opt for the Lenses + Case set pack, please mention in the comments at the end of your order the color of the case set you wish to receive. It is available in Bamboo, Taupe, Anthracite and Mahogany.

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